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1702 is the Mobile areas FIRST HGTV type concept Real Estate Boutique! We're a 'one stop shop' if you will, offering Sales, Renovation, Home Staging and Design all under one roof! How easy is that? We're making the home selling, buying and/or renovating experience uncomplicated for our clients by offering solutions all in one place.

What does the 1702 stand for you ask?

Wellllllll, the French, under Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville from his base at Fort Maurepas, established a settlement on the Mobile River in 1702. The settlement, then known as Fort Louis de la Louisiane, was first established at Twenty-seven Mile Bluff as the first capital of the French colony of Louisiana. It was founded under the direction of d'Iberville by his brother, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, to establish control over France's Louisiana claims with Bienville having been made governor of French Louisiana in 1701.  - a little wikipedia knowledge for your day!

We're local through and through. Not to mention authentic, fun, honest, loyal, passionate and bust our backs hardworking for each and every one of our clients!

Its the 1702 difference.



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